A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Unzip your appropriate .zip file. If the binaries don't work, tell me so that I can fix it.


A/Left: go left
D/Right: go right
W/Up: grow
S/Down: shrink


This game was made to demonstrate dual-purpose design. It's all about balancing mass. If you run out of mass, you die. Everywhere you go, you leave a trail. This takes away from the mass, but going over your trail again takes no mass away. Pressing [grow] twice will make you split. This clone has one half of your mass. If it dies, you get transported back to your previous body. So, on the one hand, you want to have lots of clones so you stay alive longer, but on the other hand, the clones don't have a lot of mass and are therefore vulnerable.

If I had a bigger level, the balancing would be much cooler, but trouble in other places made it so that I couldn't focus on that.


Made using Godot Engine
Sprites designed by CodeTriangle using Piskel
Code written and tested by CodeTriangle
Logo cobbled together quickly by CodeTriangle



Install instructions

Unzip and execute file. "Jam version" is the game I made during the jam. "Post-jam version" has some bugfixes and whatnot (it's also 1 kB smaller).


Linux Jam version 9 MB
OSX Jam version 17 MB
Windows Jam version 6 MB
Linux Post-jam version 9 MB
OSX Post-jam version 17 MB
Windows Post-jam version 6 MB

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